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team captain Dan giving some direction

Welcome to Team VeX's home page!

Team VeX is a salem area based tactical, scenario and woodsball team. with teamates ranging in age from 40 to 14.  This page is dedicated to the players, sponsers, events and other info on team VeX.

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Currently the team's home feild is the warpaint international outdoor paintball feild outside of salem oregon.   We would love to have anyone come out and play. Please look at the practices and events page to see dates VeX will be playing at warpaint.


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Our goal for 2006

Well our goal for 2006 more than anything is to compete in the sppl reigonals held in mollala oregon. also we are trying to fill up on reliable core members for the team and alternate positions.

team co-captain joshua layin some paint


The sppl is a ten man tactical woodsball style tournement that utilizes tactics more then the "who can throw more balls" scenario. 3 capture objectives. 1 hour long matches. exotics allowed i.e. rocket launchers, grenades, landmines, radios, and preatty much anything else you can think of. 

If you can i recomend rounding up some freinds and playing in the tourney. its gonna be a blast this year.

More information about the SPPL